Bar Code Billing Software

Our hassle-free retail management software supports all type of barcode scanner and thermal printers and drawers.

Bar Code Billing Software

Retail Shop Billing Software simplify the retail billing, customer transactions, general ledger and manage the stock effectively. Our Software ready free retail shop billing Software solve all your issues of managing the shop. Our free billing software used to keep track of stock items, no more worries of handing the stock, sales bill generation, Invoice and other back-end process of generation of reports.

Our hassle-free retail management software supports all type of barcode scanner and thermal printers and drawers, System can be used to manage the stock which helps to find shortage of stock, fast-moving items can be pre-ordered before stock closed down. Training the new staff to use the application is simple with our InventoryPlus simple user-friendly, touch screen enabled system. System can be used offline and online as per needs.

Highlights of Free Retail Shop Billing Software

Retail shop automation

  1. Automate your business with zero hidden fees & software is free for lifetime!
  2. Manage multiple companies and shop
  3. Multiple language support
  4. Multiple currency supported billing software
  5. Access restriction based on permission for each staff
  6. Monitor real-time sales of retail shop
  7. Auto backup facility helps easy recovery of retail store data
  8. LIFO or FIFO billing option allowed for batch / expire items
  9. brokerage module with multiple configurable options

Manage inventory and accounting books

  1. Manage different types of category and accounting ledgers
  2. Item Master Add/Edit and CSV import stock items from external system
  3. Set up low inventory stock alerts
  4. Manage unit of measures, manage item with different units
  5. Track the items location while selling, keep track of Rack/aisle details
  6. Easily manage ageing stock items
  7. Stock can be handled based on various parameters (BATCH with stock, no stock, manage only quantity)
  8. Eaily manage purchase return and sales return
  9. GST Ready Invoice template with all required GST features

Features of Our Bar Code Billing Software

  1. easy and fast sales billing software
  2. Generate sales bill by scanning barcode
  3. Customer Ledger and counter sales
  4. Receipt, Payment and Adjustment transaction allowed
  5. Purchase item in box and sell in pieces
  6. Manage multiple sales billing at a same time
  7. Thermal printer and cash drawers supported
  8. Option for discount entry in sales bill
  9. Sales terminal supports custom sales button with picture
  10. Sales bill customization supported, Customization of all report is possible

Retail Shop Billing software Reports

  1. Stock Register (Day wise / Group Wise)
  2. All reports can be export to excel
  3. Daily Sales Report (Brand / Category Wise)
  4. Daily cash register
  5. Ageing/expired items reports
  6. Minimum Level Or Safety Stock alert report
  7. Sales Tax reports for all sales and purchase
  8. commission report based on sales person
  9. Barcode label printing
  10. Report can be exported to various formats

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